UK Swiss Replica Omega SpeedyMoon 345.0809 — The First Moonwatch With A Moonphase

A few weeks ago, I attended a perfect fake Omega Speedmaster get-together with like-minded watch enthusiasts, and I took some Speedmaster references with me to show to the others. One of the watches among them was a high end fake Omega Speedmaster Professional Moonphase 345.0809, also known as the “SpeedyMoon.” I was a little bit surprised to see how popular this watch was among the guests. But it was equally surprising that some had never seen or heard about this edition before.

The aaa quality replica Omega Speedmaster Moonphase 345.0809 combines two of the complications I love the most — the chronograph and a moonphase indicator. It makes the dial a bit more cluttered, but the beautiful moon and stars on a disc make up for that. The SpeedyMoon was produced between November 1985 and January 1989. Let’s have a closer look at the one we have here.

Omega and the moonphase complication
Moonphase watches were not new for luxury replica Omega UK in 1985. In fact, Omega designed various watches with this popular and aesthetically pleasing complication (read our article on the Swiss super clone Omega Cosmic Moonphase to find out more).

The moon disc makes one full rotation in approximately 29.5 days, from one new moon to the next. In real life, however, it takes a little longer to complete this cycle (29.53 days, to be more precise). This is why super clone watches for sale with this complication require a correction every 2.5 years.

The moonphase complication is still popular, and cheap super clone Omega has a few watches with it in the current copy Omega Speedmaster collection. Today, though, we’re looking at the first Omega Speedmaster Professional replica for sale with a moonphase indicator, the SpeedyMoon 345.0809.

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