UK Swiss Replica Omega De Ville Chronograph ref. 145.018

Let’s kick this list off with a personal pre-owned favorite. I have written about the UK perfect replica Omega De Ville Chronograph ref. 145.018 in the past. I wrote a lengthy article about the watch in our series about classics that we would like to see return. So why write about it again? Well, if you are passionate about a watch, you will know that you track the asking prices to see how they are doing. To my surprise, prices haven’t increased, and some are on offer at lower prices than two years ago when I wrote the article. That is surprising as it is one of the most stylish timepieces that luxury fake Omega ever created.

So, what is the 1:1 fake Omega De Ville Chronograph ref. 145.018 all about? It debuted in 1968 alongside the De Ville 145.017. The reason for creating the De Ville Chronograph series was the introduction of AAA quality replica Omega’s legendary calibers 860 and 861. The ref. 145.018 that we picked is powered by the same three-register, cam-actuated caliber 861 as the Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch of that era, as most of you will know. I love that this legendary caliber powers a completely different chronograph than the Moonwatch.

Find it on the stainless steel bracelet
This cheap fake Omega De Ville Chronograph is a stylish chronograph with a 35mm case measuring 13.5mm thick, 40mm from tip to tip, and 19mm between the lugs. All in all, these are modest dimensions. But it’s a watch that wears bigger, as Mike explained in his review of it. Especially on the brilliant stainless steel bracelet, it’s an absolute joy to see and wear. The difficulty is finding the bracelet in decent condition. These watches are over five decades old, so you will often find them on replacement leather straps. But don’t let that stop you from tracking one down. Swiss movement replica Omega produced these beauties only from 1968 to 1970, so they’re fairly rare. Despite that, you can find a variety of dial colors.

Asking prices for this pre-owned beauty start at roughly €3.5K and move up to €5.5K for one in great condition. Compared to the Moonwatches from that era, this high quality fake Omega De Ville Chronograph is a great deal. What you get in return is one of the most beautiful and elegant Omega super clone watches online UK ever produced. The combination of the design and movement makes this one of my all-time favorites. Therefore, it’s a watch that can never get enough attention if you ask me.

A Brief Guide To Vintage Luxury UK Replica Omega Watches


The word conjures so many images. Some dude walking on the moon. Some dude diving beneath the sea. Some dude trying to learn the Greek alphabet.

But back to 1:1 UK Omega replica watches. Omega was founded by Louis Brandt in La Chaux-de-Fonds in 1848 and is responsible for some of the most notable, historically important watches ever made. The Speedmaster, the Seamaster, the Ploprof. The list goes on.

Thankfully, despite Omega’s juggernaut status in the watch industry, you can still buy their vintage Swiss made fake Omega watches for a vast discount next to pieces from their direct competitor, a little brand that rhymes with “Tolex.” From sub-$1,000 Seamaster dress watches to sub-$5k Speedmasters, the world is full of incredible vintage Omegas that you can actually afford.

Here are some of our favorites.

Omega De Ville Replica Watches

The cheap replica Omega De Ville watches was first launched as a subset of the Seamaster line, and was later spun off into its own collection in 1967. Designed not in Omega headquarters in Bienne but in Geneva, the DeVille was meant to be an urban watch and an alternative to the brand’s sportier models. Plenty of different designs were released over the years — both Seamaster variants and stand-alone models — and as these models weren’t among the brand’s high-end offerings to begin with, you can often find great deals on them today. (Just keep in mind that any vintage perfect Omega copy watches you nab for cheap on, say, eBay, will likely need a service.)

Price Range: $500-$2,000

Fake Omega Seamaster Dress Watches

Omega made so damn many Omega Seamaster replica watches for sale, in so many dial and case configurations, that you’d be hard pressed to ever chance upon the same reference twice. Most are that charming 34mm size, which, contrary to what some folks might have you believe, you can indeed “get away with.” The best part? They all have in-house Omega movements, wonderful dial designs, and they’re affordable. Like, several hundred dollars-affordable (if you’re willing to take on the cost of a possible service) or sub-$1k to $3k for a piece from a reputable dealer — even in precious metals. Just beware of redials, as there are many of those floating around the ‘net.

Price Range: $500-$3,000

Replica Omega Constellation Watches

What if you could get a chronometer-certified, vintage watch from a major Swiss brand with an in-house movement and unique dial for $1k-$3k? Well, you can. High quality super clone Omega Constellation watches, which has been in production since the early 50s, has gone through myriad iterations over the years, but perhaps the most interesting are the “pie pan”-dial models of the 1950s and 1960s, which feature raised dials similar to those of certain Rolex Datejusts. There’s as much variety here as there is with vintage Swiss movements Omega Seamaster fake watches, so be sure to shop around before you pull the trigger.

Price Range: $1,000-$1,3000

1980s/1990s Omega Speedmaster Professional Fake Watches

The wonderful thing about the best replica Omega Speedmaster watches is how little its fundamental design has changed over the past 60+ years. Yes, it’s used different movements, and there have been dial tweaks, but for the most part, a Speedy is a Speedy is a Speedy. Meaning, you can get a great reference 3950.50 with a tritium dial or even a more modern early 3570.50 with a tritium dial for under $5k. Sure, that’s no small amount of scratch, but compared to the price of, say, a Daytona? Yup — quite a steal. And you’re still getting an in-house Omega movement, a matching bracelet (should you desire), and that gorgeous Speedy dial and case.

Price Range: $4,000-$5,000

1:1 Excellent Replica Omega De Ville 431. Watches For Men

The white dial fake watch has a black strap.

Would you like to have a dress watch? How about this super clone Omega watches? Made from polished stainless steel, this perfect fake Omega De Ville 431. features a white dial and a black alligator leather strap.

The white dial fake watch has Roman numerals.
Fake Omega De Ville 431. Watches With Roman Numerals

Black and white is the most wonderful color collocation. When one clothe or one accessory applies these two colors, it can be paired with many other items well. So, this 1:1 best copy watches can be paired with both formal suits and causal clothes well.

The white dial fake watch has a black strap.
Fake Omega De Ville 431. Watches With Date Window

What’s more, this AAA perfect replica Omega is practical and worth having. Equipped with self-winding mechanical movement caliber 9300, it can run for 60 hours and has hours, minutes, seconds, date and chronograph functions.