The UK Perfect Replica Omega MoonSwatch Mission to the Moonphase finally brings Snoopy into the fray

We’ve all seen the fan mock-ups, read the rumours and guesses, but Snoopy has finally made his way onto a cheap fake Omega MoonSwatch dial. This time around though, it’s not just another new colourway or a new central seconds hand pattern, as Swatch is introducing a brand new complication. In a nod to many luxury fake Omega Speedmaster models that took inspiration from NASA’s Silver Snoopy Award, the MoonSwatch Mission to the Moonphase replaces the 10th of a second chronograph sub-dial of the regular model for – you guessed it – a moonphase. Here are all the details.

For those familiar with Snoopy and the Moonwatch, the connection between the new Mission to the Moonphase and best 1:1 replica Omega’s Apollo 13 Silver Snoopy Speedmaster will be immediately clear. Once again, we find the pup having a big ol’ snooze on the dial, this time resting on the two crescent moons that circle the sub-dial, accompanied by Woodstock nestling at his feet.

There is another hidden nod to Swiss movement fake Omega UK, with a message among the stars only visible under UV light. Blast the moonphase with a UV torch, and you’ll see Snoopy complain about his sleeping habits. “I can’t sleep without a night light!” Lucky for him, the UV light will light up a star-studded sky above him, too. And in case you’re wondering where this whole Snoopy thing comes from, that honour goes to a lunar module tasked with “snooping” the surface. And thus, Snoopy.

Another novelty for the Mission to the Moonphase is the new case colour, this time in stark white Bioceramic for the first time. The shape is still that of the iconic Speedmaster, with asymmetrical case flanks at a 42mm diameter.

The last 1:1 fake Omega UK Snoopy touch is over on the caseback, covering the quartz chronograph module. The battery cover no longer sports an high-resolution print of the corresponding planet, taking on the appearance of the Moon the way it would’ve appeared in Charles Schulz’s world.

For many though, the most prominent question will be “how do I get my paws on this thing?” Just like with the 11 original Swiss made copy Omega MoonSwatches, the Mission to the Moonphase will be a regular production model, available only from select stores starting March 26th. It’ll no doubt be a hot ticket item at the very start, but I see no reason why it shouldn’t eventually become much easier to grab, again mirroring the trends we saw with the Omega MoonSwatch super clone for sale UK – Missions to Moonshine nonwithstanding.

UK Best 1:1 Replica Omega Speedmaster Day-Date 323.

For the purists, a perfect fake Omega Speedmaster that isn’t a Moonwatch (or pre-Moon etc.) just isn’t a Speedmaster. But we’re sorry to say that’s just not true. In many ways, the cheap replica Omega Speedmaster case design is a fantastic template to iterate and get creative. The fact that the traditional Speedy has stayed so consistent over the years is a marvel – but in only looking at that one copy watch, you miss the various ways the Speedmaster has evolved.

That’s where a model like this UK luxury replica Omega Speedy Day-Date enters the fray with its creative use of the day and date complication in a format that still reads as a Omega Swiss movement replica Omega Speedmaster through and through. And seeing as we generally connote the day-date with the Rolex Day-Date, the fact this watch features gold just feels so appropriate. At 40mm with a three-register layout, this is even more wearable than the top quality super clone Omega Moonwatch and plays into the silent comeback that two-tone is having these days. This is a Speedy you won’t see often in the wild, and is one very much worth checking out.

UK Swiss Replica Omega SpeedyMoon 345.0809 — The First Moonwatch With A Moonphase

A few weeks ago, I attended a perfect fake Omega Speedmaster get-together with like-minded watch enthusiasts, and I took some Speedmaster references with me to show to the others. One of the watches among them was a high end fake Omega Speedmaster Professional Moonphase 345.0809, also known as the “SpeedyMoon.” I was a little bit surprised to see how popular this watch was among the guests. But it was equally surprising that some had never seen or heard about this edition before.

The aaa quality replica Omega Speedmaster Moonphase 345.0809 combines two of the complications I love the most — the chronograph and a moonphase indicator. It makes the dial a bit more cluttered, but the beautiful moon and stars on a disc make up for that. The SpeedyMoon was produced between November 1985 and January 1989. Let’s have a closer look at the one we have here.

Omega and the moonphase complication
Moonphase watches were not new for luxury replica Omega UK in 1985. In fact, Omega designed various watches with this popular and aesthetically pleasing complication (read our article on the Swiss super clone Omega Cosmic Moonphase to find out more).

The moon disc makes one full rotation in approximately 29.5 days, from one new moon to the next. In real life, however, it takes a little longer to complete this cycle (29.53 days, to be more precise). This is why super clone watches for sale with this complication require a correction every 2.5 years.

The moonphase complication is still popular, and cheap super clone Omega has a few watches with it in the current copy Omega Speedmaster collection. Today, though, we’re looking at the first Omega Speedmaster Professional replica for sale with a moonphase indicator, the SpeedyMoon 345.0809.