Splendid Watches Fake Omega Constellation UK Bring Men Warm In The Cold Winter

Constellation has three version – Globemaster, Manhattan and Constellation. In the former post, I have introduced Manhattan. Today, I’d like to share you two fine copy Omega Constellation watches for men. With warm color materials (Sedna® k gold) and leather straps (brown alligator leather), they are suitable for the cold winter.

The 39 mm fake Omega Constellation Globemaster watches have brown leather straps.
Brown Leather Straps Fake Omega Constellation Globemaster Watches
  • 39 MM Replica Omega Constellation Globemaster Watches

Typically, the watches have fluted bezels. On the silvery dials, there are Sedna® k gold hour marks and hands covered with white luminant coatings and small date windows at 6 o’clock.

The 38 mm copy Omega Constellation Constellation watches are made from Sedna® k gold.
Sedna® K Gold Copy Omega Constellation Constellation Watches
  • 38 MM Fake Omega Constellation Constellation Watches

The typical feature of the watches is the bezels with famous “Griffes” and Roman numerals. On the silvery dials, there are remarkable Sedna® k gold hour marks (triangle) and hands (sword-shaped) and date windows at 3 o’clock.

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