UK Replica Omega 1957 Trilogy Limited Editions Are Worth For You

In 1957, famous copy Omega watches launched three professional timepieces and they all become the classic versions. Each version is limited for 3,557 pieces.

In 2017, Omega launched water resistant Seamaster 300. This version follows the original version CK2913. You can see the logo of “Naïad” on the crown. Besides, they have black aluminous bezels and grey dials with remarkable details. At 6 o’clock, there are characters of Seamaster 300.

The limited fake watches have launched for 3,557 pieces.
Limited Fake Omega Specialities Watches

Very similar with Seamaster 300, the polished stainless steel watches have characters of “Railmaster” at 6 o’clock. Omega launched Seamaster Railmaster for professionals who work near magnetic field, like railway workers, so the version is called Railmaster. Equipped with caliber 8806, the reliable fake watches can resist magnetic field to 15,000 gauss.

Stainless Steel Copy Omega Specialities Watches

The 38.6 mm replica Omega Speedmaster watches are little different. They have tachymetre scales on the bezels and three chronograph sub-dials on the grey dials.

These three superb versions as outstanding copy Omega Specialities series can be bought together on our website. I think the meaningful watches are worth for both wearing and collecting.